When God Uses PlayboyPage Title


I had been recently contacted by Playboy Magazine. They requested interviews with my friend/client Crissy Moran. Ten years ago, her name was symbolic of the fictional porn star character she created. She shot with Hugh Hefners Playboy, Larry Flynts Hustler, etc. She had the greatest publications, with the deepest pockets, all in tote.

She loved having her hair styled, perfect makeup, plus an endless wardrobe.

Then one day, over a mainstream movie set, a somewhat shy guy shared with her he knew what she did. He said her life stood a purpose. Which porn wasnt it. They took the conversation outside, and Crissy hasn't ever been the identical.


She walked from porn and stopped accepting the dirty money pouring in from her 40+ adult websites. To ballpark just how much she was leaving on the table, just one website was generating six figures, each month.

Im someone of religion. Ive seen God do incredible things, however when God uses Playboy to highlight a girls faith journey, I might have officially seen all of it.

So what exactly caused Crissy Moran to go away porn?

Well, youll need to wait for the article and discover for yourself. This may you need to be the main one time youre actually taking a look at Playboy for that article.